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Logitech 720p Webcam C510

Gone are the days when you would simply settle for grainy, low resolution web cameras. In the dawn of modern day communication, you want nothing short of the best especially when it comes to video chatting online. And yet, as with many other things, better quality usually entails more money; but not so with Logitech HD Webcam C510. At $59.99, C510 is definitely a smart-buy.


720p HD-Quality


C510 may not be able to compete against the very expensive 1080p HD cameras in the market, but with 720p, it can already give you that ultimate user experience. The webcam can take extremely clear images — be it for your own good or not, it can capture every blemish and every facial line. It can also produce even toned and crisp videos even in moderately dim rooms.


However, it should be noted that a HD camera works best when used with a HD monitor. You also need to consider the hardware requirements C510 to have a true HD video calling experience (i.e. 2GD RAM along with the appropriate processor). Images captured by C510 remain to be impressive even if you are not using a HD monitor. Images are taken at 8 megapixels in maximum, pretty much like some point-and-shoot digital cameras these days.


Software and Sound Quality


C510 is a plug-and-play webcam. This means that you don’t have to install any software or application to start using the camera. However, it does come with an optional software utility which installs in a matter of minutes. The software allows you to upload to various social-networking sites with just one click. The software has some special features too. You can use it to add various effects to your videos and pictures. This feature is very popular among Facebook and YouTube users.


The webcam also comes with a high-quality, noise-suppressant microphone. The microphone can capture static-free sound which makes it perfect for Skype, FB Chat and some other instant messengers. If you don’t use these IMs, you can also try the video-calling program that comes with the Logitech software.


But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you may try the HDE USB webcam. It costs less than $10 each.
Sale Price:$64.77

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Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 720p HD Webcam – Black



1. High-definition 720p video at 30 fps

2. Sofware package for video tweaking and 3D effects

3. Stable and flexible base

4. Affordable




1. Camera CPU problems for pictures/videos taken at higher resolutions

2. Not compatible with Mac OS

3. Auto-focus is unstable




If you are after HD-quality but don’t want to spend too much, then Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is an excellent choice. Even though you may encounter some system problems when capturing at a higher resolution, this camera is still better than most of the webcams available in the market at this price range. This camera is highly recommended to those who desire to improve their video-chatting experience.




Microsoft has guaranteed a real upgrade from the common stock web cameras currently saturating the market nowadays upon their release of LifeCam HD-5000. This webcam is actually the desktop version of the more expensive HD-6000 which is intended for laptops and other mobile devices. HD-5000 is generally designed for desktops which have gaming specs so one can definitely expect it to have problems especially when its 3D effects software is used.


At first glance, HD-5000 and HD-6000 have the same physical appearance: glossy-black with a button on its top to accesss Windows Messenger instantly. However, further inspection will reveal the little details that set apart HD-5000 from HD-6000. HD-6000 is lighter and smaller than HD-5000 primarily because it is designed for laptops. Moreover, since HD-5000 is really intended for desktop usage, its USB cable is longer than that of HD-6000 (since the top of desktop monitors covers a long distance from the CPU in most setups). HD-5000 has a stationary while HD-6000 has a mounted base that is capable of a full 360-degree swivel.


HD-5000 also has a bundled software utility which has to be installed first before the camera can be used. Users are advised to check for driver updates before actually using the camera for a better experience.
Sale Price:$49.99

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Polaroid CIA-1237RC 12MP CCD Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD Display (Red)

It is almost unbelievable how Polaroid is able to manufacture a top-notch camera that has most of the features that one can only expect from an expensive model. Polaroid CIA-1237RC falls in the mid-range price category and yet it can be easily mistaken as a fairly costly digital camera by its physical appearance alone — so much more when one has already known of its sophisticated functions.

One of the most imposing features of CIA-1237RC is its auto-stabilization function which helps users do away from blurred and fuzzy shots due to mechanical tremor. This digital camera also has a “face-following” feature that allows the user to lock to a specific subject even while this subject is moving or is in the middle of a crowd.

Once the subject is caught smiling, the camera automatically takes the picture even without the user ever pressing the shutter button. Well, if these two features still cannot impress you, what do you think of an anti-red-eye feature? Sounds too good to be true for a mid-range camera? Not with Polaroid CIA-1237RC!

The camera also also equipped with a 3x optical zoom feature and if that is not enough, you can even go further by using its 4x digital zoom function. Capturing distant shots will not be much of a problem too because the camera also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen that would allow you to position your shots more precisely. Moreover, CIA-1237RC has a 32-MB internal storage capacity which can be expanded via SD or SDHC cards.

The camera runs using 2 AA batteries which can be charged using a USB cord that comes along the package.CIA-1237RC is also bundled to a software utility called Polaroid PoGo; this utility will help you sort, edit and share your photos effortlessly. It can also connect to the internet for faster sharing to any of your social networking sites.

However, if there is anything that is worth complaining about this camera, it is the complexity of some of its functions. An average user might need to spend some time to be able to really understand how these features work. The batteries are also easily depleted so users are advised to bring a lot of spare batteries with them. But beyond all these, CIA-1237RC is truly a must-have.

Sale Price:$49.99

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