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Polaroid CIA-1237RC 12MP CCD Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD Display (Red)

It is almost unbelievable how Polaroid is able to manufacture a top-notch camera that has most of the features that one can only expect from an expensive model. Polaroid CIA-1237RC falls in the mid-range price category and yet it can be easily mistaken as a fairly costly digital camera by its physical appearance alone — so much more when one has already known of its sophisticated functions.

One of the most imposing features of CIA-1237RC is its auto-stabilization function which helps users do away from blurred and fuzzy shots due to mechanical tremor. This digital camera also has a “face-following” feature that allows the user to lock to a specific subject even while this subject is moving or is in the middle of a crowd.

Once the subject is caught smiling, the camera automatically takes the picture even without the user ever pressing the shutter button. Well, if these two features still cannot impress you, what do you think of an anti-red-eye feature? Sounds too good to be true for a mid-range camera? Not with Polaroid CIA-1237RC!

The camera also also equipped with a 3x optical zoom feature and if that is not enough, you can even go further by using its 4x digital zoom function. Capturing distant shots will not be much of a problem too because the camera also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen that would allow you to position your shots more precisely. Moreover, CIA-1237RC has a 32-MB internal storage capacity which can be expanded via SD or SDHC cards.

The camera runs using 2 AA batteries which can be charged using a USB cord that comes along the package.CIA-1237RC is also bundled to a software utility called Polaroid PoGo; this utility will help you sort, edit and share your photos effortlessly. It can also connect to the internet for faster sharing to any of your social networking sites.

However, if there is anything that is worth complaining about this camera, it is the complexity of some of its functions. An average user might need to spend some time to be able to really understand how these features work. The batteries are also easily depleted so users are advised to bring a lot of spare batteries with them. But beyond all these, CIA-1237RC is truly a must-have.

Sale Price:$49.99

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Nikon Coolpix L22 12.0MP Digital Camera with 3.6x Optical Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)

There are three things about a digital camera that never fails to attract consumers: (1) A fairly wide digital display, (2) AA batteries as power source and (3) the Brand name. If you are making a checklist of this three, then you will surely pick Nikon Coolpix L22. This camera has a 3-inch LCD, powered by two AA batteries and of course, it comes from one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, Nikon.

However, despite being attractive to a lot of consumers, a closer look will surely make a wise buyer think twice. Even though the camera is light (even with batteries loaded), the user will definitely be frustrated over the limited features that this camera have; couple this frustration with the built-in mediocre-quality lens and you get nothing but a camera that can be easily considered least among many of its counterparts.

Nevertheless, this camera is a good enough entry-level point-and-shoot. It may not produce outstanding pictures and it may even compromise happy moments when there is not enough light but it can still capture descent shots especially when used outdoors under bright sunlight. In addition, Coolpix L22 can also be powered using alkaline lithium-ion cells or NiMHs which are both long-lasting and rechargable. The battery compartment of the camera can be opened and closed using the attached latch. With either batteries loaded, the camera feels more sturdy.

Coolpix L22 might prove to be a disappointment to users who look to Nikon when it comes to digital cameras. Unfortunately, its low-quality lens seem to make the edges of the picture a bit softer than that of the center. This problem is even exacerbated when you will use its 3.6x optical zoom feature. Using its 4x digital zoom feature is even worse. When using zoom functions, users can easily ruin their shots if they are not paying enough attention to the display.

Sale Price:Too low to display

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