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USB Webcam with LED Lights – Metal Finish

The right camera to get the job done — this is probably the best description for this HDE webcam. From $32.99, now it’s down to only $8.13 making it one of the best web cameras below 10 bucks! Unless you are after professional HD quality, this webcam will definitely be able to satisfy you.


This camera will surely keep you in touch with your love ones any time of the day. Depending on the lighting condition of the room you are in, its 6-LED light automatically adjusts its brightness to suit your environment.


The built-in Night Vision feature further enhances the webcam’s image and video capturing capability. With Night Vision, you can still get crisp and clear results even in considerably dark environments. If the auto-adjustments do not suit you, you can also manually adjust the LED’s brightness using a dial on the camera’s cord. You can also do the same to adjust the webcam’s focus.


The webcam also has an adjustable base and head for more precise positioning in getting your perfect angle. It also has a built-in microphone which is perfect for hands-free audio and video calling. The webcam is great for video conferencing via Skype, YM, AIM and other instant messengers.


Like other top-notch web cameras, this camera does not require any software installations too. You can just plug its cord to your computer’s USB port and you can start using it immediately. However, you can still integrate the camera to other software utilities to use it to capture images or record videos even when you are not using any instant messengers. There are a lot of video capturing/edition software utilities online which you can download for free.


However, if you are looking for a webcam that can record videos at HD-quality, I suggest that you go for Logitech HD C510. The HDE USB webcam can only capture images up to 5 megapixels but C510 can capture up to 8!


Sale Price:

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Logitech 720p Webcam C510

Gone are the days when you would simply settle for grainy, low resolution web cameras. In the dawn of modern day communication, you want nothing short of the best especially when it comes to video chatting online. And yet, as with many other things, better quality usually entails more money; but not so with Logitech HD Webcam C510. At $59.99, C510 is definitely a smart-buy.


720p HD-Quality


C510 may not be able to compete against the very expensive 1080p HD cameras in the market, but with 720p, it can already give you that ultimate user experience. The webcam can take extremely clear images — be it for your own good or not, it can capture every blemish and every facial line. It can also produce even toned and crisp videos even in moderately dim rooms.


However, it should be noted that a HD camera works best when used with a HD monitor. You also need to consider the hardware requirements C510 to have a true HD video calling experience (i.e. 2GD RAM along with the appropriate processor). Images captured by C510 remain to be impressive even if you are not using a HD monitor. Images are taken at 8 megapixels in maximum, pretty much like some point-and-shoot digital cameras these days.


Software and Sound Quality


C510 is a plug-and-play webcam. This means that you don’t have to install any software or application to start using the camera. However, it does come with an optional software utility which installs in a matter of minutes. The software allows you to upload to various social-networking sites with just one click. The software has some special features too. You can use it to add various effects to your videos and pictures. This feature is very popular among Facebook and YouTube users.


The webcam also comes with a high-quality, noise-suppressant microphone. The microphone can capture static-free sound which makes it perfect for Skype, FB Chat and some other instant messengers. If you don’t use these IMs, you can also try the video-calling program that comes with the Logitech software.


But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you may try the HDE USB webcam. It costs less than $10 each.
Sale Price:$47.04

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Nikon Coolpix L22 12.0MP Digital Camera with 3.6x Optical Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)

There are three things about a digital camera that never fails to attract consumers: (1) A fairly wide digital display, (2) AA batteries as power source and (3) the Brand name. If you are making a checklist of this three, then you will surely pick Nikon Coolpix L22. This camera has a 3-inch LCD, powered by two AA batteries and of course, it comes from one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, Nikon.

However, despite being attractive to a lot of consumers, a closer look will surely make a wise buyer think twice. Even though the camera is light (even with batteries loaded), the user will definitely be frustrated over the limited features that this camera have; couple this frustration with the built-in mediocre-quality lens and you get nothing but a camera that can be easily considered least among many of its counterparts.

Nevertheless, this camera is a good enough entry-level point-and-shoot. It may not produce outstanding pictures and it may even compromise happy moments when there is not enough light but it can still capture descent shots especially when used outdoors under bright sunlight. In addition, Coolpix L22 can also be powered using alkaline lithium-ion cells or NiMHs which are both long-lasting and rechargable. The battery compartment of the camera can be opened and closed using the attached latch. With either batteries loaded, the camera feels more sturdy.

Coolpix L22 might prove to be a disappointment to users who look to Nikon when it comes to digital cameras. Unfortunately, its low-quality lens seem to make the edges of the picture a bit softer than that of the center. This problem is even exacerbated when you will use its 3.6x optical zoom feature. Using its 4x digital zoom feature is even worse. When using zoom functions, users can easily ruin their shots if they are not paying enough attention to the display.

Sale Price:Too low to display

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 12.1 MP (Black)

Panasonic G1 is famous for two things: (1) among all cameras with interchangeable lenses, G1 is the first of its kinds to have “turned its back” from the classic optical viewfinders to the more practical live-like capture view through a built-in LCD and (2) it is also the first camera in the world to have met the Micro Four Thirds standard.

Given these two pioneering traits, although G1 still possess the outward DSLR appearance, to many people this camera is but the symbol of the commencement of a new era where single-lens reflex cameras have lost their dominance.

Nonetheless, the absence of a video-recording function in G1 definitely drags down the reputation that this DSLR has earned so far. In a time when video recording has become a common feature amongst SLR cameras, G1 would really seem a little bit odd. Yet, for those who really can’t do without video recording capabilities, Panasonic has already released GH1 and GF1 out in the market to compensate for G1’s limitations.

But that was some months ago. As of now Panasonic has already unveiled G1’s successors: G2 and G10 which are pretty much like their predecessor but with more functionality. In order to compete with mid-price DSLR cameras already saturating the market, Panasonic adjusted the viewfinder resolution of these two successors. But cutting down on the camera viewfinder’s extremely high resolution, Panasonic is able to reduce production cost thereby allowing the company to sell the new cameras at a lower price.

G2 and G10 have so far silenced the complaints and criticisms which their predecessor has so long endured. As for G2, here are its key features:

- 12.1 MP with a 4/3 “Live MOs” sensor

- 1.4 MP electronic viewfinder

- 3-inch LCD, touchscreen, multi-angle

- “Venus Engine HD II” (this allows the camera to auto adjust resolutions)

- 720p video capture, Mpeg or AVCHD formats

- Port for an external microphone (for better audio capturing for videos)

Sale Price:Too low to display

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Kodak EasyShare Z915 10MP (includes Battery, Charger and Bag)

The Kodak Z915 Digital Camera Bundle has everything you need from a included camera case for protection to to you always being prepared with rechargeable batteries. The Kodak Z915 Digital Camera brings high-definition pictures right into the palm of your hands. Protect your camera with the included Kodak carrying case. Featuring a sleek and sophisticated black exterior, the Kodak Z915 is ideal for photo enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Grasp each fine detail and the full vibrancy of ever

Sale Price:$189.99

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