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Logitech 720p Webcam C510

Gone are the days when you would simply settle for grainy, low resolution web cameras. In the dawn of modern day communication, you want nothing short of the best especially when it comes to video chatting online. And yet, as with many other things, better quality usually entails more money; but not so with Logitech HD Webcam C510. At $59.99, C510 is definitely a smart-buy.


720p HD-Quality


C510 may not be able to compete against the very expensive 1080p HD cameras in the market, but with 720p, it can already give you that ultimate user experience. The webcam can take extremely clear images — be it for your own good or not, it can capture every blemish and every facial line. It can also produce even toned and crisp videos even in moderately dim rooms.


However, it should be noted that a HD camera works best when used with a HD monitor. You also need to consider the hardware requirements C510 to have a true HD video calling experience (i.e. 2GD RAM along with the appropriate processor). Images captured by C510 remain to be impressive even if you are not using a HD monitor. Images are taken at 8 megapixels in maximum, pretty much like some point-and-shoot digital cameras these days.


Software and Sound Quality


C510 is a plug-and-play webcam. This means that you don’t have to install any software or application to start using the camera. However, it does come with an optional software utility which installs in a matter of minutes. The software allows you to upload to various social-networking sites with just one click. The software has some special features too. You can use it to add various effects to your videos and pictures. This feature is very popular among Facebook and YouTube users.


The webcam also comes with a high-quality, noise-suppressant microphone. The microphone can capture static-free sound which makes it perfect for Skype, FB Chat and some other instant messengers. If you don’t use these IMs, you can also try the video-calling program that comes with the Logitech software.


But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you may try the HDE USB webcam. It costs less than $10 each.
Sale Price:$64.77

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Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera

With its predecessor, EOS 300D, being considered to be the “best selling digital SLR camera model of all time”, one can definitely expect more from EOS 350D, better known as Canon Digital Rebel XT. This upgraded DSLR can shoot three 8.0 Megapixel frames each second and boasts the state-of-the-art APS-C 8.0 MP CMOS sensor developed by Canon in the past 12 months.

The sensor makes way for “extremely low noise” shooting even while in the 14-frame burst operation setting. Similar to the other professional DSLR cameras developed and manufactured by Canon, EOS 350D also has DIGIC II as its image processor. Other outstanding features of this camera includes: writing large .jpeg and .raw files simultaneously, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, 20% lighter than EOS 300D and extra-fast start up time (approximately 0.2 seconds after pressing the button).

Canon is very confident that EOS 350D will also hit the market by storm considering that many of the technologies found in this camera have been based on the survey conducted by the company during the 2004 Olympics held in Athens. About 70% of the professional photographers who participated in the survey had the same opinion about the best mid-budget professional DSLR camera. Canon relied on these opinions as well as to their own market research and they finally came out with EOS 350D.

EOS 350D Target Users

While this camera may very well compete with other professional cameras, the real target users of Canon are consumers who opt to upgrade from the conventional point-and-shoot digital cameras to the more quality DSLR ones. Moreover, given that the camera is made lighter than its predecessor and generally, lighter than the other DSLR cameras in the market today, it becomes ideal for users who used to carry around point-and-shoot digital cameras during their trips and travels. With EOS 350D, these users can not expand their photographic creativity anytime of the day.

EOS 300D vs. EOS 350D

Two main features distinguish EOS 350D from EOS 300D, these are: the newer CMOS sensor (Canon used a fourth-generation sensor on 350D) and the better performing DIGIC II image processor. Other differences include the improved flash-metering system of 350D as well as some enhancements in its flash exposures. Moreover, 350D allows the user to choose from three different modes of focus: (1) AI Focus, (2) AI SERVO and (3) One-shoot AF.

The camera also allows the user to directly shoot black and white photographs. It can also make corrections even prior to actually taking the pictures. In essence, EOS 350D has the same image processing software as that of Canon’s EOS-1D which is one of Canon’s most expensive cameras.

Sale Price:$320.00

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Olympus T-100 12MP Digital Camera (Black) + 8GB Accessory Kit

T-100 is perhaps the most affordable point-and-shoot digital camera from Olympus that has hit the market for some time now. At $89.99, this 12.0 MP camera is already way above its competition in the same price range with its 3x zoom feature.

Camera Design

Olympus T-100 is actually smaller than most point-and-shoot digital cameras. Its height, width and depth are 2.4, 3.7 and 0.9 inches, respectively. However, the camera still weighs as much as the others at 4.3 ounces (with battery removed). T-100’s lens can cover a field of view between 35 to 108 mm. The camera is available in red, silver, blue and black.

Features and Control


Just like ordinary point-and-shoot digital cameras, the power button as well as the shutter of T-100 is both located on the top rim of the digital camera. All the other controls as arranged on the right side of the camera’s display. Examples of such controls are the “zoom rocker” and the “play” button used to view captured images and videos. And of course, there’s the standard 4-button controller primarily used to navigate through the camera settings and features.

Compared to more expensive cameras, the LCD of T-100 is significantly smaller and lower in resolution (only 112, 320 dots). The low resolution of the LCD makes it quite difficult to be used under “direct sunlight”, regardless of the LCD’s brightness settings. However, the good thing about this camera is that its LCD has an “always-on” overlay of the different features and functions that can be used and controlled while shooting. Thus, the user can readily change exposure, ISO level, white balance and even the resolution of the picture!

Overall Performance


Unfortunately, the camera is very slow both in taking the pictures and in adjusting the settings. It takes 4.4 seconds to capture and process an image and then another 3.8 seconds to be ready for another capture. The massive delay is probably partially caused by the 1.1-second lag experienced by the shutter each time it is triggered. Cameras requiring more than 2 seconds booting and capturing images are already considered slow; well, so much more in Olympus T-100.

But for the price, one can still say that this camera is a good buy although some other cameras, which are just a little bit more expensive, might still prove to be better alternatives.

Sale Price:$89.95

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