Smartparts SP72 7-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame with Beige Matting

With a Digital Picture Frame you can show off your memories exactly as they were taken. With full color display that offers vibrant, bright colors you’ll enjoy the crisp quality for all your photos.

Displaying your pictures on the digital frame only takes three easy steps.

  1. Simply remove the memory card from your camera,
  2. insert the card into the frame and
  3. view your photos.

There is no need to upload and edit your pictures on a computer.

The dark chocolate color of the real wood frame mixed with the custom designed beige matting can compliment any room or office.

Once the memory card is inserted into the picture frame it automatically shows them as a slideshow. Depending on the size of the jpeg images each photo will display for between 5 to 20 seconds. Photos can be rotated to view in normal orientation if needed.

The simple software that comes with the Smartparts SP72 7-Inch Digital Picture Wood Frame allows you to convert and transfer PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and most picture and graphic files directly to your digital frame.

Images do need to be in JPEG format to view with the frame, however most cameras automatically save the images in that format for you. Other images downloaded that are not in JPEG format will need to be converted. Fortunately there is plenty of free software available to do that with.

The one downside that can be found for this digital picture frame appears to be customer service if anything does go wrong. Out of the box it appears to mostly work fine, but can be a pain if it doesn’t. Go straight back to Amazon if you don’t get any satisfaction from the supplier.

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