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Giottos Rocket-Air Blower Professional AA1900 Large + Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System + Accessory Kit for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony Digital SLR Cameras

Kit includes:
1) Giottos Rocket-Air Blower Professional AA1900
2) Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System
3) Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit
4) Cameta Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Giottos Rocket-Air Blower is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream blows off dust particles, even those attracted by static electricity. Giottos’ patented and unique rocket base design allows the Rocket-Air to stand by itself and prevents accidental blocking of the inlet valve as well as making it easy to store. The inlet valve prevents back flow from the air tube. This air blower is an excellent way to remove dust off sensitive equipment parts without physical contact. It works great when used on digital camera sensors, lenses, telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, musical instruments or just about any precision equipment.


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