Flip MinoHD Camcorder 2nd Generation

For any family hoping to videotape the kids, friends, events, etc the Flip MinoHD is the ideal camcorder to use. It’s durable, easy to use, picks up both immediate sound, and background sound as well.

The MinoHD is completely idiot proof: when you get the box, there is absolutely no assembly required. The right buttons for on, record, and USB connector are easy to find without needing to read the instruction book.

With the all-new Flip MinoHD, it-Feets now even easier to capture incredible HD video and share it with the world. A really thin , pocket-sized design means you can take your MinoHD with you everywhere you go.

Sound recording is even better on the 2nd Generation than on the original, and the brushed metal finish means there’s no finger prints to make it look tacky.

Like all of the lower cost camcorders the video is a little grainy inside under low light conditions, but nothing to complain about considering the price and convenience.

You may find the built in USB can be a bit fiddly to get to work. Just something to watch for. If you hold it at the right angle as you connect it then it will plug in, but many have tried and been frustrated with the connections. Instead you might try the Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera.

If you have a problem ring Flip support and get a USB connector cable (they’ll send for free if you ask) if you decide to go with the Flip MinoHD. Or even just pick up a USB 2.0 port at your local store for a few dollars and your problem will be fixed.

In general, as an easy to use, pretty good quality camcorder, the MinoHD will be there when you want it, and get the immediate shots you just don’t want to miss and wouldn’t have time to get a bigger bulkier camcorder out and set up for.

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