Nikon Coolpix L20 10MP Digital Camera with 3.6 Optical Zoom and 3 inch LCD

This is a smaller pocket sized camera, that still takes AA batteries, inexpensive SD memory cards and still delivers fantastic photos with all the features.

The still and video capture both work well in both bright light and low light.
When playing the sound back via the camera it is hard to distinquish, but fine once it is uploaded.

Great quality for the price, basically well worth the money you pay for it, it is incredibly inexpensive for a camera of such value.

Its 3.6 optical zoom may not be able to pick sand off an eagle’s beak at a thousand yards. So it won’t blow up to billboard size without a loss of definition. But as a real world everyday camera this is a fine and professional level camera that will do a far better job than you expected. Much better than just using a cell-phone.

Just to mention a few features, have you ever taken a shot to discover your subject blinked? This camera lets you know. Yes, this camera sees when your subject blinks, and lets you know, using the Smart Portrait system.

This camera also automatically fixes your red-eye special. You’ll never have to see red eye again. It finds faces, and automatically focuses on them, up to a dozen at a time. It can also snap the shutter automatically when someone finally dares to smile. The D-lighting will also save those details otherwise lost in darkness.

The panorama assist is great. You can take a series of photos in a row in either of four directions (left to right, up and down, etc.) overlapping by one third (The rule of thirds grid which you can bring up on the LCD is great, keeping the camera straight and well composed), and then join them with the included software into one long (or tall) file.

With the built in macro mode you can zoom right in on a cactus blossom from two inches away and have perfect focus. Take a photo of a baby’s toes and blow them up to 16×20. This strength of macro was recently unimaginable, and yet here you have this power within a humble, tiny and inexpensive package.

This camera also comes with the standard sized screw input for mounting on a tripod. You will really appreciate the steadiness a tripod always brings, and the freedom, no less with this great camera, which so thoughtfully has a tripod screw-in.

This camera also has great recording ability, just to top everything off.

A great camera at a small price, it could even be considered underpriced.

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