Panasonic HDC-TM20K High-Def Flash Memory Camcorder

The Panasonic HDC-TM20 SD/16 GB HDD camcorder records very good quality, saturated and sharp video while shooting in daylight or indoors at daytime. Like pretty much all camcorders in this range, in very low light the video is a bit grainy, although still useable.

It’s light and fits easily in your hands but doesn’t feel tacky or fragile. Easily slips in a pocket to carry around and ready to use quickly. The time from pushing the on button to when it’s ready to start shooting is under 2 seconds. Great for conserving battery life. And it switches off automatically if pointed at the ground and not deliberately kept recording.

Sound recording quality is astounding- I could not believe the recording in 5.1 channel sound when played back. With the extra microphones it creates a realistic sound that’s a perfect match with the true-to-life HD images.

With the Panasonic HDC-TM20 SD/16 GB HDD camcorder, a new high-performance Leica lens makes it possible to pack a powerful 16x zoom into a compact body.

The cool touch-screen lets you operate a variety of functions intuitively without taking your eyes off of the subject on the LCD screen. They are easy to use and not too confusing.

Compared with other camcorders around similar price you won’t get much better quality both with video and sound in most conditions. As a light convenient camcorder it really stands out.

For recording for an all day trip you will want an extra battery and another SD Card to make sure you capture all the special moments.

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