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Freelance Photography From Home by Michael Kryzer

Camera CareerDo you love photography? How would you like to do it for a living? Freelance photography as a career is a great option and many people are now getting into freelance photography from home.

Freelance Photography involves getting paid for your photos! You can work as a photographer, be your own boss, and sell your photos online or offline. Sometimes you might work on assignment for big companies or magazines, and you might even get some all expenses paid trips. Freelance photography is an enjoying and satisfying career.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

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Flip Video Power Adapter

The Flip Video Power Adapter is a particularly handy option for travelers and others who are away from their computers for long periods of time.

If you are around your computer and have the USB connection handy then this isn’t really needed. However if you travel a lot, or can’t easily get to your computer port, or just will be out for the day and need to recharge your Flip camcorder part way through, then this might just be the answer you needed.

Doesn’t take long to get a full charge into the camcorder, you can plug your Mino or MinoHD straight into the Flip Video Power Adapter, but will want a battery pack with the Flip or FlipHD.

For those on the go all the time you may find the Essential Kit for the Pure Digital Flip Video UltraHD includes a Car and Wall Charger – Gomadic Brand w/ TipExchange Technology to be even more useful. This will allow you to charge your Flip Video between stops as you are travelling in the car, and then overnight to be ready for first thing in the morning.

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