ContourHD – HD Helmet Camera by VholdR

No wires, no separate recorder, no separate microphone, a tiny 4 ounces. Simply mount the ContourHD where you want to capture the action and go.

Whether it’s mounted it on the side of a skateboard, on the rear foot peg on your street bike or on your helmet as you snowboard, you’ll hardly notice its presence.

Even though the video is possibly not quite real HD, it’s still leagues (and I mean LEAGUES) ahead of anything that is out there for this amount of money (and most of the stuff that costs at least twice as much… ). If you’ve been disappointed in the quality of video of helmet cam tried until now, this device is worth every penny. Buy this camcorder as soon as you can!

720p video, great color, light weight, and mountable anywhere are the ContourHD hallmarks. Make sure your computer can edit HD video though, you need to take out the choppy bits.

ContourHD is the world’s first High Definition wearable camcorder that combines amazing video clarity (choose between High Definition or High Action), a wide-angle lens (135 degrees), single-button simplicity, and a click to share online experience. Perfected for outdoor use, ContourHD can switch between crisp HD quality video (captured at 30 frames per second) or SD quality video (captured at 60 frames per second).

This camera is the ideal complement to your outdoor gear with its all-in-one design ContourHD has no wires or separate recorder. Instead it records up to 8 hours of HD video to its own internal memory card (compatible with up to a 16GB microSD card). It’s light (4 ounces) but armored aluminum body enables you to capture video in any weather conditions. ContourHD’s Trail Mounts seamlessly attach the camera to your body, helmet, goggles, or vehicle for hands-free recording.

The other bits you’ll want to get when you order your helmet camcorder:

  1. A carry case as there’s no included case.
  2. A larger memory card really is needed, you’ll run out just at the key point otherwise.
  3. Buy another battery. When you see and feel the size of it, realize that there are NO external parts, and then see the video it produces you’ll forgive the battery life, but you will want a spare.

Right now you can also get another $80 off if you grab your ContourHD before December 19, 2009. To take advantage of this offer add the camcorder to your Shopping Cart, enter promotional code CONTOURH at checkout, and Amazon will apply $80 in savings.

This offer is valid through December 19, 2009, or while supplies last so don’t hang around or they’ll be gone. Get your ContourHD – HD Helmet Camera by VholdR here Now!

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